Money & The Law Of Attraction

In this trying time of recession and monetary crisis, money has become an unstable commodity. People who work hard get fired anyway, retirement plans are not honored, and even your home can be taken away. So how can we begin to earn even the smallest amount of money? Well the law of attraction can tell you how you can earn more money with a positive mindset, and a little bit of old-fashioned work. It works on a simple principle; namely, that your consciousness plays a bigger role in your life than you might think. When we speak of “consciousness” in this context, we mean your power to think and use your will to desire something.

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So how does this work? In brief, if you envision something, for example having more money to spend on things, the odds actually increase in your favor of obtaining more money. At least that is what this principle claims.

So how can you begin to gain more money using the law of attraction?

You do it by opening your mind to much more positive outcomes to your actions. This is achieved through positive thinking, and then taking positive action towards that goal. In this case, you want more money. Therefore, visualize yourself gaining the money in tune with your new desire. Opportunities can thereby arise, and those opportunities are often related to furthering you towards your goal.

But the law of attraction is a specific law. When you think “I want to get money so I can stop being poor” that is not the correct way to apply the law. Why? Because when you think “stop being poor,” it increases the odds that you attract more poverty. Rather, think in the manner that most suits a positive outcome. For example, “I want more money so I could enjoy life more” or “I desire more money so I can provide the best for my family” etc. These kinds of thoughts are aimed towards a more positive spectrum in your life. A simpler way of saying it is, think positive to ward off the negative. But when you use the law of attraction for your money, you are not only slowly paving your way to riches; you might also be indirectly using it to improve other aspects of your life, e.g. for your business success, or loving family relationships, it can open up to more than you set out to gain in the beginning.

Learn to think positive, put that positive thought into action, and you can begin to alter your own reality into what you perceive it should be. All this and more is possible for you, and now that you know of the law of attraction and how its principles could be applied into your life, why not start now?

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