Law Of Attraction & Your Career

You may not be aware that the Law of Attraction can work in different aspects of your life including your source of bread and butter, namely your career.

All of the laws in the universe have principles that are unchangeable. They can be applied to everything and everyone without exception. In order to truly understand this, it is essential to gain a practical real life experience of them, in order to gain the confidence to trust that they will work well in your life.

law of attractionOne of the best known metaphysical principles is the Law of Attraction. Its core idea tells us that like attracts like. Specifically, our thoughts, which are often largely a by-product of our attitudes, are energy forms. These attract similar kinds of energy through the laws of vibration.

If you are looking for a new job or you simply want to climb up the corporate ladder, then you should know that you can achieve it through the power of thought, i.e. applying these principles. You can upgrade your career status without spending a lot of money to do it. You only need to contemplate the matter by asking yourself a few questions. Ask your inner self if you really enjoy your career now, if you have a passion for what you are doing, and if you enjoy your job with all your heart.

If your answers turn out to be yes, then you should celebrate. You are very lucky. But, if you see yourself struggling in the future in this career, striving hard just to get only that little bit further, then you should look within and examine the matter honestly. Have a clear notion about what you really want and then let it happen in your life. Clarity is key to manifesting your dreams because you cannot manifest anything with consistent success if you have no idea what you want in the first place.

The Law of Attraction has a 3 step process. The first thing to do is to ask. You should ask consistently. Step two requires you to believe that the universe will always responds; that what you are focusing upon is coming to you, no matter how impossible that may seem at the present time.  Step three is to allow the results to happen. This part is actually the most difficult one since you have to allot a certain amount of time to allow the universe to provide you with what you are focusing upon.

To keep focus while working upon the things you are attracting, you should maintain the right feelings at all times, because your mental state is critical to success in manifestation. Having positive feelings will help you attract your goal. Try to imagine how you’d act and feel if you have everything you want. You will feel that incredible things can happen in your life. If you want to get your ideal career, then ask when, why, and how. Create a deadline and brainstorm ways for you to get to achieve your goals. Never stop looking for the right answers, and the Law Of Attraction will make it happen for you in time, perhaps even faster than you might ever believe.

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  1. Let us examine for a moment how the Law of Attraction may be working when applied to the working environment. It is not uncommon to hear people complain that no matter how hard they try they simply cannot find the work that they are looking for. Is this because the jobs do not exist as we are told? Or is it simply that the people looking for work have thoughts that are so saturated with ideas of lack and negativity, that they are preventing themselves from seeing the jobs that are right there in front of them?

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