Law Of Attraction: Ask Believe & Receive

Many people who have seen The Secret movie believe that the Law of Attraction can be realized through three powerful words; ask, believe, and receive. We think that destiny has a complex and multifaceted principle for us to get what we want in our lives, but the truth is that the formula is simple. These three words will help you attract what you want and desire. However, there are times when the situation we are in makes it very frustrating for us to reach for the stars.

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Destiny is there whether we like it or not. Our path in life has already been designed by the universe. We can attest that destiny is true by remembering our disappointing moments in life. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to get that certain desire fulfilled, it will just not manifest for us. Even after you have given your all, there are still things that go out of your control. However, it is important to realize that things that disappoint you play a huge role in getting you to the right path of self evolution. What you must do is to realize that downfalls are an essential part of life and without them, you can never ultimately succeed in reaching for your dreams.

Although destiny may be complex and difficult, you can still get what you want. You have the power of choice. Maybe you just don’t realize how great this law of attraction power is. However, what you must learn to do first is understand your own limitations. Knowing yourself and your flaws should not pull you down; nevertheless, having the knowledge about what your weaknesses are will help you focus more on improving yourself. If you have a clear view of difficulties, then you will know how to deal with them. Life is like a race and hurdles can be so high, but the truth is hurdles are made so that we can jump higher.

Transform your weaknesses to strengths. Understand your limits and do something about them. By doing so, asking, believing, and receiving your dreams will then be much easier. We must understand that we can never be certain about anything. The future is unseen and what we can do is just prepare ourselves for whatever may happen.

To fully realize your dreams, the first thing to do is to understand the circumstances that you are in. Seeing the stoplights in the universe is important. Right timing is everything. Knowing when to go and when to stop are the first two things you should remember when pursuing your dreams. If resources are present, then it is always possible to ask for them. Ask for something that would make you truly happy, and never limit yourself to anything less. And then start believing within yourself that you can and will get it. The signals of your desires will transform into a motivation. When you are motivated then it will be very easy for you to work. In no time, you will get what you want through the law of attraction with the right amount of hard work.

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