Law Of Attraction Metaphysical Theory

The universe follows the consistency and order of the Law of Attraction. This means that we attract into our lives that which we focus upon the most in our thinking. As Earl Nightingale once put it, “You become what you think about.”

Hence, the truth is we have the ability to create our very own realities. We are all gifted with free will which means we make our own decisions and mistakes. Yet, the law of attraction is precise and consistent. It will always deal out to us in our physical lives the exact results of what we have been focusing upon in our thoughts.

It is very important to have a sense of balance in our lives. To achieve this balance, it is critical to look within, to reach for our inner spirit, and to acknowledge our need for contact and communion with the Higher Self. There are moments in life when we encounter unexpected events, many of which may be decidedly unpleasant. Whether positive or negative, these external events help give us new insights into our lives, and make us realize that our humanity doesn’t only lie within our bodies’ boundaries.

Everything around us that gives a positive and harmonious vibration can potentially help us balance our life issues. People who achieve true balance in their lives have good alignment with their outer and inner worlds.

Once we increase this sort of spiritual connection between ourselves and the events that happen in our lives, it helps to unlock our connection to Spirit, and to the messages brought to us by Spirit, which we cannot see or hear by normal means. Through developing this spiritual insight, we gain the ability to discover and realize just how great are the power of our thoughts. Once we realize this and thereby harness our thought power, we can use them in a positive manner to create the life that we want.

Now, the Law Of Attraction simply tells us that like attracts like. Everything in the universe, including our actions and our thoughts, emit vibratory auras.  These auras then attract unto themselves whatever is of like vibration. Hence our outer world or 3 dimensional reality is shaped by these vibratory powers that emanate from within our own minds.

The law even directs electrons. It creates options; vibrational possibilities between every possible event. The way that things move apart and come together under this law is through vibration, which is the underlying spiritual force of the entire universe. Similar things vibrate with harmonious resonance. Also, entities (thoughts, people, events etc.) of like vibration are attracted towards each other.

Every single thought that comes in our minds has its vibration. What we create in our minds, with emotion and imagination, then creates a vibratory attraction (whether we consciously know we are doing it or not). Whatever we think about, look at, and the way we respond to what gets our attention causes us to automatically produce vibrations, either positive or negative. It is going on all the time. These signals will become the central focus of our attraction, i.e. what we attract to ourselves for good or ill.

Thus, it is critical that you remain aware that, through the law Of Attraction, the universe responds to whatever signal you send it on a consistent basis with emotion! There are times that the words we use are positive, but they have a negative vibration. In other words, both have different directions and are not congruent. For us to have a totally balanced vibration, both the message and our words must be congruent. Likewise, it is critical to ensure that what we think and the emotions that we harbor about our thoughts, or about external events and people, are the sort of vibration we really want to be sending out.

For as the Bible says, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. What you put out into the universe infallibly comes back to you in the end. This is the Law Of Attraction at work.

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  1. Greetings, who first identified the law of attraction? What branch of metaphysics/quantum ??? Does the universal laws (law of attraction, law of oneness) have a certain label to known what group it goes under (ex. Laws of spirituality, law of nature)?

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